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Outdoor Advertising FAQs

At Clear Channel SME, we provide out-of-home advertising to businesses and organisations all across Ireland. In main cities such as Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Cork and Galway. We have put together some outdoor advertising FAQs to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Our Terms & Conditions

How much does it cost?

How can I receive a quote?

Just contact us and we will tailor a quote to your exact needs. Your quote will be determined by the number of panels, which ones you require, and the duration of your campaign, among other factors.

How does it work?

What advertising options do we have?

We have a wide variety of products for you to choose from, which means we can customise the campaign for your business. Our core classic products are billboards and bus shelters, and we also offer digital screen advertising for shopping centres/malls, airports, supermarkets, and much more. 

How effective is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach a wide audience. It can’t be turned off like television and radio, so it is constantly connecting with the public. We cater to a range of budgets as well, so you can pick and choose which panels you need and what areas to target.

How do I find out if the advertisement site is available?

It is a good idea to check if the site you need is available in advance. Simply contact us and let us know what site you are interested in and when you will need it, then we can let you know whether it is available. 

What is the minimum duration that I can advertise for?

The minimum duration is usually two weeks because we offer fortnightly slots for our advertisement sites. However, it is possible to book our digital formats for a shorter period. There is no maximum length of time your advertising can stay on the site, you can use it as long as you like.

Design, Print and Production

Do I need to print my own posters?

There is no need for you to print your own posters as we will work with a printing company to print your posters if needed, at an additional cost. 

Do I need to design my own posters?

We offer a fully inclusive service which means our expert design team will create your artwork on your behalf if needed, at an additional cost.  

Please call our team today on +353 (1) 2611023 (ROI) or +44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI) for expert advice.

Irish Motor Festival

“Being a company that primarily focuses on digital and social media marketing efforts, the team at Clear Channel made it extremely easy and hassle-free for us to take our first foray into the world of more traditional and physical marketing efforts, which helped us reach a new audience for our events”.

Please call our team today on:
+353 (1) 2611023 (ROI)
+44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI)

Clark Recruitment

Building a relationship with Clear Channel has allowed us to directly reach our target commuter audience through the use of their roadside billboards.”

Please call our team today on:
+353 (1) 2611023 (ROI)
+44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI)


Our Adshel Live campaign has helped to drive traffic to our stores in the shopping centres where the digital screens are located. The benefit of digital advertising is that each shop can have bespoke advertisements which are more impactful and we can instantly change the copy throughout the campaign”.

Please call our team today on:
+353 (1) 2611023 (ROI)
+44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI)

Cork City Council

I’ve always found Clear Channel to be very easy and helpful to deal with. There has always been a quick turnaround in getting our campaign out on street when we’ve been looking to advertise.”

Please call our team today on:
+353 (1) 2611023 (ROI)
+44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI)

Lynk Taxis

Our Adshel & Adbox campaign allowed us to target specific locations and was successful in building awareness and encouraging people in these areas to download the Lynk Taxi app”

Please call our team today on:
+353 (1) 2611023 (ROI)
+44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI)

Bus Shelter Advertising

One of our most popular products is bus shelter advertising, as it is the ideal way to reach a wide variety of customers.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are especially useful when situated in high traffic areas, where people could be stuck in traffic jams with wandering eyes.

Convenience Store Advertising

Adbox is a classic panel situated outside both convenience stores and main multiples.

Digital Advertising in Shopping Centres / Malls

Shopping centre advertising is revolutionary for businesses, and so if it suits your business we make sure to incorporate it in...

Digital Supermarket Advertising

Our Digital supermarket screens are available at Dunnes, Tesco and Supervalu stores in the Republic of Ireland and ASDA stores in Northern Ireland.

Airport Advertising

Airport advertising is particularly useful for businesses as the advertising reaches a large amount of people.

Stadium Advertising

We offer both digital pitchside and big screen advertising opportunities at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin during Irish rugby international matches.

Digital Roadside Advertising

Our digital roadside advertising screens offer strong visibility for both pedestrians and vehicles alike. We have digital screens across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Waterford.

Looking to discuss outdoor advertising in your local area?

Please give us a call on +353 (1) 2611023 (ROI) or +44 (0) 28 9046 3263 (NI) or fill in our form and we will get back to you shortly.


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