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Billboard Advertising

If you are a local business looking for a new avenue of advertising then Clear Channel SME have the answer! Our effective outdoor advertising makes an unforgettable impression on passersby.

We provide bespoke advertising campaigns for local companies, businesses and SMEs, which are tailored to your budget, and the areas your business would like to target. Our products include bus shelters, airport, stadium and shopping centre/mall advertising, and we offer both digital and classic panels. 

Billboard advertising is one of the most popular and effective products we offer, and they make an instant impact on the public, as they convey a clear message. They are especially useful when situated in high traffic areas, where people could be stuck in traffic.

We strategically place our billboards in key places such as on main roads, or in town centres. The billboards we offer come in two sizes, 48-sheet and 96-sheet.

It is a misconception that billboards are only used by big brands with large budgets. We offer them to all companies, no matter the size, as they are highly affordable.  

If you are interested in adding billboard advertising to your marketing plans, then Clear Channel SME is the best choice. We offer our outdoor advertising services to customers across Ireland. Including Dublin and Belfast, Limerick, Cork and Galway, among other cities.

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Cork City Council

I’ve always found Clear Channel to be very easy and helpful to deal with. There has always been a quick turnaround in getting our campaign out on street when we’ve been looking to advertise.”

Please call our team today on 01 2611023


Our Adshel Live campaign has helped to drive traffic to our stores in the shopping centres where the digital screens are located. The benefit of digital advertising is that each shop can have bespoke advertisements which are more impactful and we can instantly change the copy throughout the campaign”.

Please call our team today on 01 2611023

Clark Recruitment

Building a relationship with Clear Channel has allowed us to directly reach our target commuter audience through the use of their roadside billboards.”

Please call our team today on 01 2611023

Irish Motor Festival

“Being a company that primarily focuses on digital and social media marketing efforts, the team at Clear Channel made it extremely easy and hassle-free for us to take our first foray into the world of more traditional and physical marketing efforts, which helped us reach a new audience for our events”.

Please call our team today on 01 2611023

Lynk Taxis

Our Adshel & Adbox campaign allowed us to target specific locations and was successful in building awareness and encouraging people in these areas to download the Lynk Taxi app”

Please call our team today on 01 2611023

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